In 2019 I spent 3 months as a contractor at Norwich agency, Borne. One of the projects I worked on during my time there was a landing page design for a company called Bio-Bean, for their new product 'Coffee Logs'. Bio-Bean is a fantastic eco-friendly company that recycles coffee grounds and makes them into fuel. The mission for this landing page was for it to be engaging, and educational and to convert people who were curious about the brand into customers.
The branding was already established for Coffee Logs so I was tasked with wireframing and developing the landing page. I worked with senior designer Josh Gowan on this project, he had established the branding so gave feedback and made some slight final alterations before the project went live.
During my research, I found a fantastic product video Bio-Bean had made for their Coffee Logs product. There was a shot of the product in front of a fireplace and it had such a cosy and inviting feeling. I knew instantly that it would be a great shot to loop and use in the hero space for this landing page. It's really impactful and sets the mood for the rest of the page.
Below is the final page design I created, the design is modern and breaks the content down easily. I tried to find ways to really celebrate the work they're doing and to shout about their successes whilst also being educational.

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