The Brief
Aviva is the largest insurer in the UK and is a worldwide brand but they lacked consistency across their print and digital channels. The creation of the 'Aviva Digital Design Hub', an atomic-based design and UI kit, and code library enabled every area of the Aviva brand to be consistent for the first time in the group's 300+ year history. It consisted of the leads of the design, UX and development teams as well as a small team of other designers and developers who helped to shape what is still used as the core of the Aviva brand. 
To see the full website and best understand this project please visit:
Others who worked on this project: Ed Parker (Design Lead), Matt Davies (Design) Gail Cruse (UX Lead), Nicky Bliss (Development Lead), Freya McLaughlan (Developer) and more. I have included below specific parts of the project that I worked on and images which best reflect my contributions.
Some of the web pages I primarily worked on were those in the style guide (click the link to see the full collection). These pages dealt with our colour palette, typography and treatment of photography.
Another great part of this project was the Sketch document we created which had ready-to-use elements for members of the UI and UX teams to easily use to build pages. I worked on a lot of elements for the Sketch document such as image cards, review stars and tabs to name a few. ​​​​​​​
The creation of the Digital Design Hub made it much easier to create a consistent experience for all Aviva customers globally. It was great to be able to go on to work on other projects from this one as a brand guardian and ensure that this fantastic new system was being utilised across the business. It was also a fantastic experience working on a large-scale digital style guide and gaining valuable experience designing modular web elements.
The Aviva Digital Design Hub revolutionised the wider Aviva brand and brought consistency and unity across the global branding. It's still being used and developed today and has truly transformed design at Aviva.

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